Head Massager HBI22003

LEEGOHOME Automatic Vibration Head Massager Scalp Stress Relax ,4 set model with 10 Vibrated Claw Electric Deep Sleeping and Tension,Enjoyabled Head Scratcher Hair Growth,Men Women lightweight Body Massage Easy

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  • Relaxing Scalp Massage: electric scalp massager is equipped with 10 vibration head massager arms with 10 individual motors, providing 360 degree massage coverage with various vibrating patterns.different model which rotates both in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction giving you a soothing massage to help stimulate scalp massager hair growth, increase blood circulation to the scalp and relief stress.
  • Full Body Tiredness Eliminator: comfortable 4 massage modes: Long Press the button to switch among built-in 4 massage modes (active/leisure/beauty/sleep) which provide different massage techniques to relieve stress and tension. Each mode is programmed with a specific massage intensity (high/medium high/medium/low) to meet your different needs. You can even use it as a dog massager or cat massager for your loved pets.
  • Safety & Reliable: Comfier portable scalp massager is custom-designed so you can use it with no worry. Ideal Christmas and Birthday Gifts for men, women, parents and friends.


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