Hombetta one subsidiary corporation of Wise Group.Since created by Alber Zhou in 2003, Hombetta has been an industry-leading manufacturer of Electric beauty appliance products,makeup products and Personal Care Devices in China.
With years of development, Maxecho is becoming widely popular among countries all over the world, especially Australia, North America and Europe. In the meantime, with our deep understanding towards different markets and consumers’ preferences, an entirely new brand, ECHOLUX was established.
Currently, we own a production base of 50,000 square meters area, which covers over 20 assembly lines, our annual capacity reaches 10,000,000 units and this number keeps growing rapidly.
With excellent performance, convenient usage, exquisite design, wide product range and durability, our products are warmly welcomed by consumers from all over the world. Besides, our products are certified with CE, ROHS,CB, UL, CUL, …
Our vision is Let the global people enjoy beauty and health, we abandon stereotypes, we do what we believe, we are young, we are Hombetta .

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